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We only carry boots with a wide calf!





Most of our boots have a 14" - 15" high shaft and the heights are listed in all of their descriptions. This refers to the height of the boot from the base of your bare foot NOT including any heels. Using a tape measure, please measure the circumference of your calf 14" - 15" up from the base of your foot to find your correct calf size. Please make sure to measure your calf exactly before you order since there are many different boots with larger or smaller calf sizes to choose from.

For those of you who are petite - 5'3" and under - please measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point instead of at 14" since the boot shaft will fall at a higher point on your calf than on someone who is taller.

Every boot already comes manufactured with its own specific calf size for each foot/shoe size so please make sure to measure your calf exactly before you order. As a result, you cannot order a boot with a different calf size than the one shown for that particular style. Since we have a very extensive selection of wide and extra wide calf boots, you can be sure to find a style that will come as close to your calf measurements as possible.

If, after measuring your calf, you find that your size falls between two different categories (e.g., Extra Wide Calf or Super Wide Calf), you have two options: you can order the smaller calf style if you need only 1-2 more in size and then have them stretched on a boot stretcher OR you can order the next category and have them taken in at the seam by a shoemaker. Either of these choices will customize the boot to your specific calf measurements.

If your calf is larger than any of the ones shown on our site there are no boots AT ALL made anywhere with wider calves than we carry unless they are custom made for you. We have the majority of our boots specially made for us with an elastic gore near the zippers and you can take them to a shoemaker to have them altered. A shoemaker can make the elastic gores larger or even add more leather to the seams. Since our boots already have the widest calf size on the market to begin with, you don't need to add 6-7 inches of extra leather to a 16" calf boot. This is a very simple and inexpensive procedure and our customers have been doing this for many years. The only other option for you would be to have boots custom made and that is extremely expensive (at least $700).


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